12 Things Light Sleepers can relate to

They can’t get a break!
February 02, 2018

1. One small noise can be enough to keep you up all night.

2. You can’t live without your earplugs because without them you would be sleep deprived.

3. You start your day as soon as the sun rises, not because you’re a morning person, but because the light is very annoying. And weekends are no different, unfortunately.

4. The room temperature is either way too hot or way too cold.

5. Concealer is your ultimate weapon to hide those bags around your eyes since you haven’t had a good night of sleep in forever.

6. You’re seriously considering getting a room without any windows to completely shut out any source of light.

7. You tried every way possible to create white noise, whether it’s by having your bedroom fan running at a high speed, downloading apps that simulate the sound of the rain or even sleep hypnosis apps (yes, some people are that desperate).

8. Most people would love to share a bed with a loved one, but definitely not you. Your partner could move around the bed constantly, pull most of the covers on his side of the bed, or even worse: snore!

9. Your ritual before going to sleep is making sure your phone is on silent.

10. You don’t need someone else to wake you up because you have a natural alarm clock inside your head. A blessing or a curse? It depends on how you see it.

11. Since you’re not getting enough sleep at night, you can’t stop being angry at the world, especially in the morning.

12. Waking up at night is a real struggle because you can’t fall back asleep easily. Some people take as much as two hours to go back to sleep.


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