2018's Denim Trend Has us Shook

Flashback to the ‘70s!
September 04, 2018

We don’t know about you, but every time we watch That ‘70s show, we can’t stop thinking about Donna’s beautiful vintage jeans, an iconic style adopted in the ‘70s. What if we tell you you can actually wear Donna’s jeans and not look like you’ve traveled from the past?

Last year's BIG denim trend was cropped jeans, as in straight-leg or even ankle-length jeans, but it's all different now. Right now, fashion is aiming for the most comfortable and practical cuts with a hint of class, inspired by the ‘70s!

What we thought we could never replace is actually very easily replaceable considering the amount of love we're giving this new denim trend: full-length relaxed flare jeans. The result: a super chill, super girly and super stylish look!

What we love most about it is that it covers the ankles and requires high-heels for a complete look. You can go from classy pumps to easy-going platform shoes and even plain sandals or sneakers if you want to go for a boyish style.

But before you start whining about how it's too baggy, you need to know that those jeans are not meant to be curve-hugging like mom jeans. This makes us think of a'90s Kate Moss, don't you think?