2019 Sex Resolutions You Should Be Making

The only resolution that should last
By Helena Saadeh
January 07, 2019

Be a Better Communicator

Communication is key. You should always know how to discuss with your partner what’s on your mind. Having a clearer debate and setting things right will not only make you bond even more, but also enjoy the sex. It will make you know what your partner loves and he’ll know what makes you happy.

Turn Off your Gadgets

One of the worst things that could possibly happen during sex is when a phone rings, so you better make sure that you erased this probability. When you make love, the time is precious for you two only. Therefore, take out all the gadgets that cold possibly distract the intimate moments. 

Be More Affectionate

Make this the highlight of your new year’s resolution. Try to give and show more affection to your partner because it will always reflect on you. As you do this, you’ll discover new aspects you haven’t seen before which might double the pleasure and strengthen the relationship.

Make Sexual Pleasures Count

We’re in 2019, the world is overwhelmed by work, studies, and everyday stress. Make sexual pleasures count. Most importantly, sex should not be a burden you have to endure, it should be a time you enjoy with your partner as you escape all the madness of the world.

Take Care of Your Body

This helps on so many levels. No only it will be a healthier lifestyle for you and for your skin, it will also boost your confidence in the outside world and in the bed. Be more comfortable and more fresh, energized as you maintain your body in healthy conditions.