4 Makeup Hacks to Look Younger

May 17, 2017

Easy on the makeup

No matter how old you are, wearing a lot of makeup WILL make you older. There’s no need to have an overly made-up skin even when you have dark circles or other imperfections. The solution? A little bit of concealer.


Moisturizing is a must

Even though it’s obvious, repeating it a million times wouldn’t make this step less important. Before applying makeup, ALWAYS start with a moisturizer.


Ban tinted face powder

Covering your skin in powder is a big no if you have wrinkles. No worries, just go for translucent, light-diffusing powder instead, and stay away from tinted powders.


Wear Brown Eyeliner

Deep brown eyeliner has the same effect as the black one, but it’s much more natural and subtle. Draw the liner along the upper lashes only, and don’t forget to gently lift the line at the outer corners to open up the eyes.