4 ways to remove a pimple

Holiday Season Style
By Helena Saadeh
December 24, 2018

Ice it

The fastest, most practical way to remove a pimple is to tie a piece of cloth around an ice cube or two and sit it on the pimple spot for no less than four minutes. Repeat the process through the day to lessen the pain and the reduce the swelling fast.

Do not over dry

The chemical products you use is important, but what’s more important is the amount you use. The less you use the less you are exposed to itchiness and infection and redness of the skin. remember this rule as you apply products such as toothpaste to the pimple.

Tone down the toner

 Unless you have a very oily skin, tone down the toner around the pimple area. There should be no barrier for the skin to breathe and exhale freely. If you can skip this step as you apply makeup, it would be more beneficial.  

Do not squeeze

Resist the urge to squeeze it! It is never a good idea to squeeze a pimple because this action has so many side effects that can damage the skin on a short and longer term.