4 Women on What They Really Want In Bed

June 02, 2017

What she wants in bed

What do women really want in bed? Many men seem to have misconceptions about what makes us happy. Here are the answers to your burning questions!

Pamela, 29.

I look for a stronger emotional rather than physical bond when it comes to sexual relations. You see men often ignore the emotional part and only try to satisfy the physical part. In order to truly satisfy a woman, a man needs to communicate with his emotions: I like to hear him moan, that's how I know he’s enjoying it, and when I see that my partner is excited it turns me on so much! Sometimes I guide my partner by placing his hands where I want, although I would like him to read the signals himself without the need to show him the way! For example, I would like him to surprise me with new ways and techniques…a little bit of innovation to spice things up!

Nayla, 30.

When my husband starts with a foot massage, my whole body becomes more receptive. He must then take his time and not rush things: a slow massage, starting from my breasts, without reaching directly the goal! When the position allows it, a look in the eyes can bring you to another level! For men who do not know, a girl also loves to know when he likes what she’s doing. She likes hearing him moaning and also prioritizing her pleasure before his…some finger game, tongue…But the most important part is the final hug after sex, much better than him reaching up for his cigarette!

Ghinwa, 33

I like to dominate my partner from time to time, to be in charge of the intensity of the intercourse… My favorite position? When I am on top of course, because the penetration is deeper and very easy for me, although I’m not really a fan of acrobatics!