5 Mistakes You Make When Removing Your Makeup

February 09, 2017

How many times did you come home exhausted, so much that you skip your makeup removal routine, that is, if you even have a routine? Guilty? Never do that again! No matter how much you think of it as a chore, you just cannot underestimate the importance of makeup removal. To prevent wrinkles, pimples and dry skin, check the list of what not to do when removing your makeup.


Makeup wipes are not miracle workers

Most of us women think that we only need to rub some makeup-removing cream or wipe to have a makeup-free face… and we were completely wrong! They only remove the top layer of makeup, but to get the job properly done, you have to cleanse your face with water and good face soap.


Your mascara wiping technique is a big fail

Eyelids are very sensitive and can easily fall off if you remove your mascara the wrong way. Simply close your eyes and smoothly remove the mascara and/or any eye makeup you have on by following the direction of your lids.


Cotton balls should be banned!

You can’t even imagine how bad it is to rub a cotton ball on your face, not to mention your eyes! Some of those tiny fibers will practically stay glued on your skin and can even get into your eyes… ouch! So forget about cotton balls and go for cotton pads.


Missed a spot!

Even when you think you have removed all the makeup on your skin, there is always this spot you neglect: the edge of your eyelids. Over time, layers and layers of mascara and eyeliner can stay fixated without you even noticing. The solution? Cotton swabs! They can meticulously reach this spot without your lashes falling off.


Moisturize all the way

If you think removing your makeup is the goal, think again. The goal is to preserve a beautiful, hydrated complexion. To prevent your skin from becoming dry and dull, always apply a moisturizer following your makeup removal and face cleansing. And don’t forget to balm up those lips!