5 reasons why we love Elissa

But there are more than just five!
By Helena Saadeh
January 03, 2019
She knows how to keep her fans posted and active: The queen of twitter is always striking our curiosity to see what she’ll write next. Tweets that turned into viral memes or valuable quotes and advice. Elissa has a very special way to make her fans comment all over her post by asking interactive questions and sharing thoughts. She’s always #1 in trendsetting whether it’s in the style of the songs, the album covers, or the video clips, Elissa sets the trend of the year. The way she dresses and matches the latest styles, her art is bound to reach so many people and be admired by many more. Her songs speak to us on so many levels #ilaKolElliBihebbouni summarizes everything! Not only her songs have deeper meanings but they are very catchy and smooth to listen to. in all our emotional phases, whether it’s love, sadness, happiness, hope…Elissa has a song for us. She’s been through all phases, not only did she overcome rumors, she overcome one of the most difficult life circumstances she had to face. Elissa, with her strong will to have and give hope, overcome breast cancer. But that’s not it, she spread awareness it the most thoughtful and real way. She’s not afraid to speak her mind We need more people like her. A person who is not afraid to speak what’s on the mind is a powerful human. We love how Elissa, even though she risks loosing her fans when she takes sides on stories, gains even more followers out of respect for her honesty and clarity.