5 rules to consider while putting sparkly makeup

The rulebook
By Helena Saadeh
November 29, 2019

1: Choose the desired effect: retro, festive or subtle and iridescent.

2: Choose one area you want to work on. Even though the lip/eye combo can be very editorial, it is hardly applicable in real life, choose one feature to apply glitter on it.

3: Opt for a color that flatters your skin tone.  Avoid the greens or the oil blues. Play with intense red glitter, carmine or pop roses.  Festive but modern. 

4: Take the time to look for the brush that will bring the desired effect.  The small and ultra-shiny way "interstellar" or much bigger and mirror way disco.

5: Take your time ... Precise gestures, good tools, and dexterity are essential to avoid the "disco-ball" effect.