5 statements of Jordyn Woods on Red Table Talk

Will the Kardashians buy it?
By Helena Saadeh
March 04, 2019

1. She did not give Tristan a Lap dance

Kylie’s best friend made a certain statement on Red Table Talk that she did not give Tristan a lap dance the night they made out.

2. She was not honest with Khloé and Kylie

However, Jordyn Woods was not completely honest when it came to tell Kylie and her sister about that night. She admitted telling them where she was but not what happened.

3. Jordyn never slept with Tristan

As Woods stated, she did not sleep with Tristan. What happened, as she stated, was that she was totally drunk and they only kissed, she did not even put her arms around him. We weren’t there, but this is what she said.

4. There is no communication between Tristan and Jordyn

Kylie’s ex-friend said during the show that she does not have any sort of communication with True’s father.

5. She is not the reason Khloe’s family broke up

It’s Khloé’s decision to choose whether or not to blame Jordyn. But, Woods gave a statement on the show that she is not to blame for Tristan’s cheating actions.