5 times normal people met celebrities under weird circumstances

Was it fate?
August 03, 2017

1. Daniel Radcliffe and the mugging victim
Last month, two men attacked and mugged a tourist in London, stealing his Louis Vuitton bag and slashing him across the face. A few minutes later, something surreal happened: Daniel Radcliffe was spotted comforting the man!

2. Tom Hanks and the newlyweds
In September 2016, two lovebirds were getting their photo taken in Central Park for their wedding album, and Tom Hanks appears out of nowhere. The actor was jogging nearby and couldn't resist photobombing! The newlyweds will surely tell their grandchildren about this hilarious moment in the future.

3. Taylor Swift and the jury member
In August of last year, Taylor Swift did jury duty in Nashville court and met one of her fans' mother. The encounter was adorable: the two snapped some selfies and shared them on social media! Having learned about what happened, her daughter wrote on her Twitter account: “My mom just causally has jury duty with Taylor SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” We would have the same reaction if Taylor Swift had met our mother.

4. Ryan Gosling and a random dog owner
The Notebook star surprised an ordinary man in March 2016 on his way to a luxury getaway with girlfriend Eva Mendes. While driving, the couple almost hit a little white dog in the middle of the road, so Ryan immediately jumped out of the vehicle to take it and give it back to its owner. As you can imagine, the owner of the pup could not believe his eyes!

5. Jonah Hill and the crazy fan
Exactly one year ago, Jonah Hill got the scare of his life because of an overzealous fan running towards him like a psycho. Just kidding, it was just a prankster, and the prankster is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio! Wait, what? Yes folks, when he saw him on the street he couldn't help but pull this hilarious prank, which was captured on video by the way.