5 ways to feel Happier

Don’t forget to smile to yourself today
By Helena Saadeh
January 06, 2019

Good sleep

The first rule is to get enough sleep because it’s the basic rule to have the fullest possible energy. The lack of sleep will affect your day in many ways, it will make you get angry faster and tired easier. For diverse other reasons too, sleep will give you a fresh skin and also if you wake up feeling fresh, your day will get 10 times better.

Write a List

This task may seem simple but it is in fact the most helpful. Write a list about anything good that you have. Whether it’s your qualities, the blessings you have in your life, your hobbies, your dreams, the things you are proud of. Writing a list in your own handwriting is proved to give you motivations and make them stuck in your head.

Wear Your favorite Outfit

It’s very crucial to feel comfortable on the inside, but it also helps a lot if you feel comfy on the outside. Make sure you wear your favorite outfit that day – and something you love every other day – to give you a peak of confidence throughout the day.

Limit Alcohol and Sugar

We all know that alcohol and sugar are bound to give you a splash of adrenaline and happiness. But it is better to limit the intake of alcohol and sugar because you need to learn how to feel better by yourself without any substance that might lead to other effects on the long run.

Do Something Good At least Once per Day

There is no better way to feel good about yourself than to do good to others. You will immediately be overwhelmed by a bundle of joy that will draw a smile on your face for a long term, in addition to the smile you draw on other people’s faces.


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