50 shades of Layal Khawly

It's all about the passion.
By Janine Ayoub
October 12, 2017

Her paintings are ambitious and her epicurean and modern style resembles her; Layal Khawly wants to be a great huntress of happiness and peace.
Each of her paintings implies a cause. A varnish of actuality reflecting her polymorphous curiosity. With fluid speech and a confident brush, Layal Khawly disappears behind her canvas. She has an endearing smile, and a look that speaks for itself. Painting has been her passion for a very long time. Her studies in interior design at ALBA and her Master's in visual art have come to concretize this intimate, passionate and natural relationship that she maintains with the universe of the visual and the beautiful. Sketches drawn on the wall facing her childhood bed until she got her own workshop in Ain Aar, the path was paved with pitfalls and happiness.
"My old canvases bring back the tears that forged me, the laughter and the hopes." A kind of catharsis, her art is much more than a therapy, it may as well be her purpose in life. Since then, this painting virtuoso and mixed media professional tells us her stories in graffiti and serigraphs.
In this universe painted in camaieu, the artist knew how to impose herself. She will be selected by the Chinese Ministry of Culture to represent Lebanon at the National Museum of Art in Shanghai and she defends her art.
Her favorite canvas? It's impossible to retain one. "It's like asking me to choose between my two sons." For the young mother, it doesn't take much to be happy. Her life revolves around her children and her art, and her daily life is a subtle blend of letting go and digging into deep roots. Layal draws all her inspiration from her native village. For those who come from the north, to recharge oneself is to give a meaning to life. The lakes and rivers are the scenery of Chadra, her small village of the casa of Akkar. "Every stone tells a story," she tells us.