7 facts about Miss Universe Philippines 2018

A Queen since 1999
By Helena Saadeh
December 17, 2018

She was crowned Little Miss Philippines

Her career in the beauty pageants and modeling is not so recent. Catriona Gray has been a “Miss” since 1999 when she won the Little Miss Philippines beauty pageant.

She is a mix of Asian European cultures

Her mother is from the Philippines and her father is a Scottish-born Australian. She was born in Cairns, Queensland where she attended Trinity Anglican School. At age 18, she moved to the Philippines to start her modeling career.

The fourth Philippines contestant to win Miss Universe

Catriona Gray is the fourth Filipina to be crowned Miss Universe, in a ceremony on December 16th. The last time Philippines won this contest was in 2015 with Pia Wurtzback.

She is an empowered-empowering woman

The new Miss World has a lot of hobbies among them and most importantly is to help the people in need since she works in the slums of Philippines. She also cooks and enjoys adventures. Not only that, but also the soft-hearted queen masters the art of Choi Kwang Do since she was eight and has been awarded the black belt.

She’s a multi-talented artist

Not only helping people is her passion but our new Miss Universe know how to properly sing and enjoys this talent a lot. In addition, it seems that Gray mastered the art of drawing too as some of her sketches were shared online.

She was in the top 5 of miss world 2016

Gray might have been crowned Miss Universe 2018 but that’s not just it. Catriona’s face looks familiar and this is because she was in the Top 5 of Miss World 2016.

She has her own special catwalk

Apparently, the new Miss Universe knows how to distinguish herself on stage. She has a signature walk, also known as the “Slow-mo twirl”, which she did on the runway of the 2018 contest, and the videos went viral.