7 tips to rekindle the flame

April 21, 2017

The other night, as you went out naked from the bathroom, he didn’t even notice you, and yet you walked past him several times, trying to draw his attention. Do not panic, your couple suffers from a curable but not negligible problem: routine.

Before calling on specialists, why don’t you give our spicy tips a try? (Yes yes it works!)

Dare unusual places and new positions

The feeling of getting caught raises our adrenaline and pleasure. There’s nothing like making love in an unusual place in order to spice up our sex life. In the forest, in the car, on the beach, at the movies maybe? For the strong hearted ones, we propose a quickie in the park, on the plane ... At the pool, surrounded by people, in a meeting room at work, in an elevator ...

Schedule a sex date

Take a sick leave to spend an afternoon in bed! Give yourself a quality time, even if it’s only once a month, but make this moment a real scheduled and fantasized rendezvous.

Exchange pictures and naughty messages

In the last few days you barely see your hubby before going to work or sleeping? Take a picture in a hot outfit, underwear or simply naked followed by a naughty sex invitation message. Your darling will spend the rest of the day in his office fantasizing about the evening awaiting for him!

Offer him vouchers

Birthday gifts are always the same! Think of exchanging kinky vouchers. An erotic massage treat maybe, a date in an unusual place of your choice, in short, release your most spicy desires!

Finally, and even if the couple's life tends to lead us to laissez-faire, please do not pee the door opened, do not shave in front of him, keep your intimate rituals for your bathroom and unveil this fatal woman who once charmed him!


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