You have to follow them!
June 20, 2016

Add a little bit of humor to your Instagram, in between all the selfies and DYI videos. Check out the Instagram accounts who have mastered the art of comedy, they’re so hilarious you won’t notice the time pass. Don’t forget to follow them!



Girl with No Job perfectly captures (in a hysterical way) the dating disasters any girl can go through, and of course, the procrastination of work out.



What could be better than reading funny relatable notes adorned with a perfect set of rhymes and colorful illustrations?



Chill Wildlife proves that wild animals such as hedgehogs, koalas, and seals can be just as entertaining as your typical LOL-cat.



What are you waiting for? Follow Betches now, it’s one of the funniest meme accounts about daily life.



You love cats and money? Go follow Cash Cats as they capture cute little kitties surrounded with money... which is even funnier!



If you have recently broke up and get desperate texts from your ex, you will definitely relate to Text from Your Ex. This account will make you laugh so much that it will bring you to tears.



Jessica Anteby is a stylist from New York City, and she’s made it her job to make people laugh on a daily basis.



If you love philosophy and a good laugh, this account combines both topics to make your day!