8 Light Skin Summer Cons

August 18, 2017

You would really appreciate it if you had this naturally tanned body, but unfortunately, we're not all born this way. Tired of all the "you're sick?" or "You're anemic?" people pull all day long? Well, you're not the only one. Here are 10 common problems light skinned people face every summer.


1. Sunscreens, which you only buy in stocks... because the sun is always on your case.


2. You have a dozen huge hats; so much that people think you're collecting them.


3. After a day in the sun, prepare for peeled skin...


4. ... which makes it impossible to fix your complexion; foundation will only make it worse.


5. A whole week of being sunstroke and as a result: zero tan lines!


6. Your friends think you are anemic, dying even.


7. Spray tanning is not your thing at all... unless you want to look like a fluorescent carrot.


8. If the sky is cloudy in summer, it's a trap! Even if you don't spot the sun, the sun sees you perfectly... and is planning an evil scheme.


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