A checklist for your fall wardrobe

Did you tick all the cases?
By Helena Saadeh
September 11, 2019


You heard us right. Headbands are in this season and they are styled in a very bold and fashionable way. You can wear them with blazers or leather pants. 

knitted and colorful sweaters

Bring colors to your autumn’s outfits. Knitted sweaters are some of the favorites for this season. Wear them with high-waisted mom jeans for these 90s vibes.

Straight blazers

Oversized straight blazers are an all-time classic when it comes to fashion. Wear them with denim pants, biker shorts or cargo pants.

All types of belts

Belts are the statement accessories that give life to your look. Whether its a chain or leather belt, make sure you know where to wrap it and with which items. 

XXL earrings

Fall is coming and so is this trend. Huge earrings are here to never let you go unnoticed. Whether they’re dangling or wrapped around your ears, people always notice the earrings first.