A Drama-Free Breakup

Easier than ever!
By Janine Ayoub
August 18, 2016

You've given too many chances to this relationship that was already over for a long time, this is it, you decide to leave... but if you end things, there's a chance you do more harm than good to this person... How should you break up with someone you once loved without having to feel guilty? What are the mistakes you shouldn't commit? Special offers you the best tips on how to break up with your partner in the gentlest way possible.


Let him be prepared

Don't let him live the dream just before you tell him that it's not working out between you two. Start taking your distance to prevent him from falling too deep.


Do not give him false hope

It's much easier to alleviate the situation if you give hope to your soon-to-be ex, but you're forgetting that he will be the one who'll suffer the most. Avoid scenarios such as, "We need a break" or "who knows what the future holds."


Don't chicken out...

How would you feel if you were dumped by text? Nothing worse than breaking up by using 140 characters on a virtual screen, a voice message, or just by disappearing... the least you should do to  is confronting this person you loved face to face, even if it seems difficult. You would certainly not like to be dumped that way!


Pick a good timing

A breakup is never easy and there is no magic formula to do it perfectly. Except that sometimes, you have to pick the right time. You have to be honest with yourself and not stay with someone for whom you no longer have feelings; but again, you have to put yourself in his place. Would you want your partner to break it off on your birthday? Or while you're going through a hard time like an illness of someone you know, a death, your final exams, a job interview etc...

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