A new addition to the Bieber family

So little and so cute
By Helena Saadeh
December 23, 2018

The newlywed who tied the knot recently in November are having a little addition to their family. The Biebers got a pet dog! How did we find out? Through the same platform that confirmed their marriage, Instagram. Justin Bieber shared a post on Saturday night showing their little pet along a caption saying: “Meet our dogson his name is #Oscar.”

Not only the little puppy has won the beliebers hearts, but also the puppy has a new nickname: “Christmas baby.” Hailey Baldwin shared on the same platform a short video of the puppy seen in bed alongside Justin Bieber and his tattooed hands. We are still trying to search for the breed of the dog, we are not quite sure of it. It’s very similar to a Maltese Yorkie. We believe, however, that getting a puppy after a marriage is a huge action of commitment.