A Plant Based Detox Diet?

You’ll thank us later.
June 21, 2018

Every detox's goal is to purify the body, regain energy and make your skin as radiant as ever. The plants we've listed are some of the lightest and most effective you can find!



Artichokes are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. They’re used for digestive problems and also fight against excess acidity in the body. Artichoke soup and artichoke tisane sound great for a cold winter night!



Every part of the dandelion is good for your health, whether it’s the leaf, stem or root. It’s particularly known for its depurative action during a detox cure. It helps with digestion by increasing the flow of the bile and stimulating the liver. Try the dandelion clafouti; it’s even healthier if you make it gluten and lactose-free!


Black radish

The black radish is an excellent way to drain the liver and gallbladder. It promotes both the elimination of waste and toxins. You might want to try a celery salad with black radish and clementine vinaigrette… yes, it does taste as luxurious as it sounds!



If you want a flawless complexion, eat some burdocks. The burdock is frequently used to help with digestion and to increase the renal elimination of water. Its roots are recommended for acne-prone oily skin since it moisturizes dry areas and purifies oily areas. We advise you to try the  lemon-flavored grilled burdock root with ginkgo nut marinade.