A Psychotic Stalker Harassing George and Amal Clooney

They can't catch a break!
July 19, 2016

Our favorite celebrity couple misfortunately encountered an unbalanced man who had been sending them threatening messages for the past several weeks. Mark Bibbee was diagnozed with bipolar disorder with a schizophrenic tendency. This man sent 189 pages of terrifying documents to the couple.

Medical experts confirm that he is a real danger to George and Amal. Therefore, the court decided that the man could not approach the pair within 100 meters, and it's certainly forbidden that he contacts them in any way. Otherwise, he will be put behind bars immediately.

The Clooney couple went on vacation in their Italian mansion on the shores of Como Lake to clear their heads and forget about this incident. A psychotic stalker is not something they should take lightly!


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