A survival partner for Miley Cyrus

Do we hear wedding bells?
By Helena Saadeh
December 13, 2018

The special title for Liam Hemsworth

“love”? there is! But she definitely does not call him that. Miley Cyrus revealed that she calls her fiancé “Survival Partner” and that she finds it very deep and very romantic. The 26-year-old singer is so grateful for this and for him and this is why she gave him this nickname. One of the main reasons behind this name is that Hemsworth, 28, did all his best to rescue animals during the Malibu Fire. However, the “survival” partner does not find his title very romantic.

A wedding for Miley and Liam?

Currently, the couple resides in Nashville Tennessee, because for Miley returning back to her favorite place on earth, Malibu, is a very hard task. For her everything is different now, the houses, the air, the ambiance, the water… especially that Liam likes to surf a lot. When the couple has time, they travel the world together and Cyrus pointed out that Liam is a very good cook too.

The couple talks a lot about weddings and kids but it seems that there is no rush. Even though they refer to each other as husband and wife, we have doubts that they are secretly married. But all we know at least is that they are totally in love and that’s what’s important.

Spice up the love life

When the couple is not physically close, they have only one solution left: Facetime! As Miley Cyrus said” That's what FaceTime's for – cybersex”. Apparently, the couple know how to spice up their intimate life over video calls. It looks like the two know how to enjoy every aspect of their relationship.