A Vampire Diaries Star was Set on Fire for a Movie

She was what?!
August 18, 2017

We all know that many actors are prepared to do anything extreme to shoot a perfect movie. Some chop their hair off, others gain 50 pounds… and there are some who set themselves on fire. Literally. The courageous (and rather stupid) move was done by Vampire Diaries actress Nina Dobrev for the upcoming movie Flatliners.

“They put gas on your arm — well, they did on my arm — and then they come at me with a blowtorch, right before they call ‘Action’”, she told EW. “They call ‘Action,’ they light my arm on fire, I have to act like I’m on fire — which I am — and react to the scariness of it, which wasn’t too hard.” We would scream our heads off if we were the ones on fire!

Make sure to watch Flatliners which will be available in theaters starting September.