Are you paranoid?

Let's find out!
October 03, 2016

1- You are contacted for a survey:

a- You answer the entire questionnaire with pleasure
b- You ask for more information about the purpose of the study before responding
c- Convinced of being spied on, you hang up immediately


2- You entering a cafe and hear a group of women laugh loudly:

a- Good humor is refreshing!
b- You try to spy on them to find out the reason of their joy
c- There's no doubt, they're making fun of you


3- As you enter your apartment, you notice an open closet:

a- You must have forgotten to close it
b- You inspect the rest of the apartment and remain vigilant throughout the evening
c- You call the police immediately


4- At the office, the LED on the camera flashes:

a- Your computer is probably just acting up
b- That's weird; you decide to put a chip on the lens of your camera
c- You decide to call the IT guy to advise you


5. Revealing your secrets to a friend:

a- It doesn't bother you
b- It depends
c- Never


6- You can't find your car keys:

a- They will reappear when you stop looking for them, as usual
b- No need to panic. You try to remember where you last put them
c- Somebody certainly stole it


7- On your way back home, you notice that a car has been behind you for 10 minutes

a- You keep going but you keep an eye on it
b- You don't mind
c- You make detours after noting the license plate number


Most a's: almost zero
You're not paranoid! You never worry about whether someone is following you, spying on you or eavesdropping. Careful not to be too naive, don't trust everyone. Sometimes, you better be wary.

Most b's: reasonable degree
Little paranoid tendency, but nothing serious. You ocasionally have paranoiac breakdowns, you're suspicious from time to time, without however obsessing over those ideas. Rest assured! This is completely normal. On the scale of the paranoid attitude, it looks like you're right in the middle.

Most c's: high level
You're often suspicious and feel persecuted. Because of this paranoia, you have narcissistic tendencies. You overestimate yourself, you're sometimes irrationally jealous, you think the whole world is conspiring against you. It's imperative that you take a step back and cool down your inner anxiety to stop believing that people are out to get you!

PS: This test does not measure the paranoid personality disorder.