Back To The Future 4?

What a blast from the past! But there’s a catch…
June 11, 2018

The Teen Wolf actor Michael J. Fox starred in the movie series Back To The Future, and it was the favorite comedy movie of 90s kids. Recently, a Facebook post mentioning an upcoming sequel has caught our attention. A post was shared from Fox’s Facebook account, saying “Hi everybody! Today is a very important day, besides of being of my birthday, i'm announcing BACK TO THE FUTURE IV!!!!! We thought about for many years and we sarted shooting it last summer. I'll reveal the release date in a few days. Love you all!!!” He had also shared a photo of himself and his co-stars Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson.

Unfortunately, it turns out that this post was totally fake! The photo dates back to July 2015, and it was actually from Lea Thompson’s Instagram. The stars had taken this picture when they reunited for Back To The Future’s 30st anniversary at the London Comic Con.

It’s a bummer for all of us that the announcement was a total lie, but if you haven’t seen Back To The Future 1, 2 and 3, you probably should!