Bare Butt Jeans Are Actually a Thing

And we don’t know what to think…
April 20, 2017

Tired of the excruciating summer heat? We feel you! That’s why the fashion industry has created a new trend that will let the breeze flow through your butt. Behold the bare-butt jeans! Well, that escalated quickly… Actually, they were only created because people (somehow) find it cool, or because they ran out of ideas. We’re still trying to figure out why.

Those new jeans are the result of a collaboration between the high-end brand VETEMENTS, and Levi’s. Okay, but what on earth were they thinking? Oh, and they cost around $2,000. No biggie!

If this news didn’t make you scream your lungs out in agonizing pain, this is your chance. PS: be careful not to burn your bootie on those lava hot car seats!