BB, CC, DD or even EE cream ... how to choose?

April 11, 2017

These all-in-one creams have revolutionized our face routine and promise a unified complexion, hydrated skin and a superb look. But with the many initials that invade the cosmetic shelves, we're getting rather confused. BB, CC or DD?

BB cream

The tinted care with numerous virtues, BB cream or "Blemish Balm cream" hydrates, corrects, camouflages the imperfections, treats and illuminates the complexion and protects it by a protective and anti-UV film.

The BB cream replaces moisturizer and foundation for people with skin problems.

CC Cream

The "Color Correction cream" controls the color of the complexion and camouflages pigments (redness, dark circles, spots).

Unlike the BB cream that camouflages imperfections, CC Cream is a corrective foundation that unifies and moisturizes the complexion in addition to its sunscreen.

DD cream

The "Daily Defense" protects the epidermis against UVA and UVB. The DD cream offers a higher sun protection factor than the BB or CC cream, it protects the epidermis against pollution and moisturizes the skin. Lighter than its two predecessors, the DD cream is more protective than covering.

EE cream

EE Cream or "Energy Enhancer" boosts skin rejuvenation and fights against dull complexion. In addition to combining all the properties of BB, CC and DD, it offers a vitality and anti-aging action that fights wrinkles and fine lines.