Be a tease: our moves for a hot honeymoon sex

Steamy Honeymoon!
May 25, 2017

Who says honeymoon says sex ... a lot of sex! Hotter than ever! Even if you are both already very passionate in your sexual relations, there must be a few things left you are dying to try... He surely has secret fantasies! Before the big day, exchange a wish list. Surprise your darling with some sensual tricks: massages, unusual positions, striptease ...

Explore other horizons!

Admit it ladies, you like being on top. Most women prefer this position that gives them the freedom to control their pleasure. Enjoy this holiday for two to try new positions or naughty games, away from everyday stress.

What man does not like oral sex? Whether you're a beginner or you know all the good moves, if you're ready to give, he'll be more than happy to give it back to you! Passion and sensuality are more important than technique: kiss, touch and enjoy as you would do with any other part of his body!

And who said that masturbation couldn’t be erotic? Try doing it simultaneously. Masturbating in front of your husband is a great way to teach him how and where you like to be touched, but also to learn to please him.

The G spot hunting: Every man is hunting his wife's G spot, and every woman hopes for him to find it! Your honeymoon is the perfect time to go in search of the famous G spot. Scientifically, it is about one-third the distance between the vaginal opening and the cervix. Exploring the G is a good excuse to try different positions.

Undress me! If there was an ideal time for a striptease, you found it. You wear a gorgeous dress, with sexy lingerie underneath. Tease him, kiss him, caress him, touch him, and grab him! The more you tease him, the more you heat him!