Be the bad girl of his dreams

Adopt the "bad girl attitude".
February 16, 2017

Adopt the "bad girl attitude" and follow your basic instincts to revive the flame in your couple with our sassy tips…

Bet on lingerie
A bad girl knows that satin is her best friend. Dare the kitsch lingerie such as lace, satin, small knots, some fur why not! Also, you can let him know that you are not wearing anything under your dress to make him crazy...
If you know his fantasies, do not hesitate to invest in a naughty costume. Alternatively, you can always revisit your own wardrobe, you will be surprised at the sexual potential that a simple little dress with super heels can have. Once in bed, think about keeping them ... tickling him with your stiletto heels…and you know the rest!

Dirty talks
Naughty language or dirty talk during love tells your partner that you are ready to let go. Men love to hear what you want in bed so just say it! 

Surprise him when he least expects it
No need to plan everything in advance, surprise him when he least expects it! You can invite yourself in his shower, or offer him a hot fellatio while on the phone. Why don’t you give him a naughty visit to the office, the time of a quickie during his break? 

A striptease is always a winning ticket
A naughty song in background, bad girl attitude and naughty lingerie in support, and it’s a wrap! 

Mirror Mirror…
There's nothing more exciting than seeing each other making love. Move a large mirror in your bedroom near your bed and privilege the sexual positions that allow you to see your partner in full work like doggy style.