Being Different is Beautiful!

… Even if you have a unibrow.
July 12, 2017

Do beauty standards really matter? The answer is no. Today's world thinks that beauty includes a tiny nose, plump lips, a slim waist and sexy curves. We can't deny that all these features are appealing, but beauty is not limited to these conditions.

Meet Scarlett Costello, a model nicknamed Frida Kahlo, and you can probably guess why; it's because of her a unibrow!

She's become famous in the world of modeling because of her unusual particularity. However, the 19-year-old beauty is very proud of her unibrow, she even publishes pictures on social media by emphasizing her eyebrows even more.

No matter what you look like, if you feel good about yourself, even your flaws will become your greatest assets because they show how unique you are, which is beautiful!


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