Benedict Cumberbatch Isn’t Only a Hero in the Movies

He’s a real-life Doctor Strange!
June 05, 2018

Benedict Cumberbatch has officially conquered everyone’s hearts after what he’s done. The Sherlock actor has done the most heroic act ever, and we still can’t believe he did that. He supposedly saved a man from a mugger, but that’s not all. In order to save that man, Cumberbatch had to jump out of his Uber! Another unexpected thing: it all happened on November of last year, but it’s just now that the eyewitness came forward.

Yes folks, last November, the superstar – and real-life superhero – had taken an Uber with his wife Sophie Hunter to go to a club, only to be surprised by a delivery cyclist being attacked by two men trying to rob him. And this is when he somehow thought it was a good idea to pull a Sherlock and literally jump off the vehicle to push away the muggers, and he was right to do so!

We bet you won’t have a hard time remembering his name now, will you?