Benefits of Intermittent fasting

It should be your new healthy resolution
By Helena Saadeh
January 16, 2020

The benefits of intermittent fasting are many, you could say that it aims to purify the whole body and improve all of its functions:

·         Weight and satiety regulation

·         Decreased inflammation

·         Reduced risk of diabetes

·         Reduced cardiovascular risks

·         Reduced mortality

·         Obesity reduction

·         Improvement of cognitive functions

·         Slow aging of the brain

·         Fight against oxidative stress (cellular aging)

·         Positive effects on bad cholesterol levels in the blood

·         Weight and satiety regulation (hunger)


Intermittent fasting is also a very good way to regulate your weight by eliminating excess fat, the reason is simple: When you fast, you no longer provide enough glucose (sugars) to your body, this is normal since you no longer eat. The body then finds itself in a state of stress and will come to draw on its own reserve of fat to provide the body with the energy it needs. Interestingly, researchers at Intermountain Medical Center (Murray) Utah have shown that fasting will cause a significant increase in the level of growth hormone (GH) secreted by our bodies. This GH is a hormone called "fat burner", it also helps protect muscle mass and regulate blood glucose and various other hormones. Intermittent fasting cures will, therefore, be very useful if you want to accelerate your fat loss. If you are a beginner I advise you to start with version 16-8 which is the easiest, but nothing prevents you from testing something more robust if you want more results.