They are to die for!
July 01, 2016

Olivier Giroud, France

Giroud always looks flawless despite all the sweat throughout the game, especially his hair!


Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

The Portuguese player has this exotic appearance which makes every girl in the world fall for him. We wonder how he can handle it!


Gerard Piqué, Spain

Whenever Piqué is on screen, we drop everything and focus… but not on the game. Sorry, Shakira!


Manuel Neuer, Germany

This goal-keeper gives us chills; not only is he one of the best goal-keepers of all time, but he’s also one of the best-looking German players.


Harry Kane, England

The good-looking forward plays a very good game, and we  can’t get our eyes off him!


Andriy Yarmolenko, Ukraine

The Ukrainian forward makes every girl melt with his sexy stubble beard and his jaw-dropping six packs.


Axel Witsel, Belgium

This blue-eyed, afro-haired Belgium player has a uniquely striking beauty.