Beyoncé in darker hair

Goodbye blonde hair
By Helena Saadeh
September 24, 2019

After strobbing caramel, Beyoncé went recently for a brown icy hair color, and finally now to dark black. And against all odds, it is not on Instagram, but on television that we were able to see this metamorphosis.  Indeed, Beyoncé is the star of the documentary "Making the gift", produced by ABC, which traces the creation of the "Lion King" album.  In the first images unveiled, Queen Bey displays long locks enhanced by an intense black coloring. If for now only a few seconds have been released, the new look of the singer has ignited the Web.  Fans took screenshots and got enthusiastic about her new look on Twitter. It is almost twenty years since the singer had not opted for a color so dark. Indeed, we must go back to the 2000s to remember the singer wearing black hair.