Big Girls, You Are Beautiful!

Enhance your curves this summer!
July 17, 2018

Summer is the most unfair period for someone who's not comfortable in their body. There's no need to hide your curves under a million layers of clothing, instead, what you have to do is show them off! Choosing the right pieces will give you a huge confidence boost, and we will make sure that you're always 100% comfortable with your body type from now on. Here are a few of our tips.

Understand your body
Nobody has the same body morphology. This means that your number one body goal shouldn't be to get in shape or lose that extra body fat. The ultimate goal should be to understand your body. Whether we like it or not, we have to thank Kim Kardashian for changing people's views on women with curves.

Fluid pieces are your priority
The more rigid the materials you wear, the more it will increase the volume of your silhouette... and you don't want that to happen! You can opt for fine cotton, linen, satin... Go for a slim fit, but don't try to avoid ones that are too tight or too loose.

Dresses and skirts? Absolutely!
Who says big girls can't be 100% girly? Everyone can wear skirts and dresses, whether they're size 2 or size 20. You just have to find the right cut for you. For example, you can go for a summer dress with a plunging neckline, and for a night out, a long, fluid evening dress, tight at the chest and flared at the bottom.


Who wore Roberto Cavalli better?
  • Sharon Stone (2013)
  • Bella Hadid (2019)