Blac Chyna Wants a Raise to Continue Filming

A money-hungry diva indeed!
October 05, 2016

We don’t know if Rob & Blac will be renewed for a second season yet, and the reason is Blac Chyna herself. The reality star is holding up the negotiations because she wants a raise!

A source close to the couple revealed that "Chyna is holding out for more money." The insider continues: "The network wants them to do 18 more episodes of this season but then they don't get a raise". The source claimed that "it is the highest rated show on the network, higher than KUWTK, so they will make it happen for a big price".

The Kardashians have previously earned a total of $40 million on Keeping up with the Kardashians, so it is only fair that Blac Chyna gets the same benefits, if not more!