Bringing back the passion

Spice it up!
By Janine Ayoub
September 28, 2016

The other night, when you got out naked from the bathroom, your man didn’t even notice you? Do not worry, your relationship suffers from a significant but very curable syndrome: mid-life couple’s ease and habit.
Sex life is not so easy to maintain. In times of stress or fatigue, libido hits its lowest level, do not hesitate consulting a sexologist. But before referring to specialists, give our spicy tips a try!


We dare unusual locations and positions

The more we are afraid of being surprised, the more excited we get... In the forest, car, on the beach, cinema...? For the more adventurous try the park, plane ... At the pool, in the middle of the crowd (be discreet) or in a meeting room at work, in an elevator ...


It’s a date !

Take a day off to spend an afternoon in bed! Offer your couple quality time and a real scheduled, announced and fantasized date.


Make room apart

Don’t worry, the more you make yourself absent, the more you are desired! Sleeping in separate bedrooms stimulates the couple and fuels passionate feelings. Your reunion will be simply hot!


Exchange naughty pictures

Take a picture of yourself in a hot outfit, underwear or why not a nude, and send it along with a naughty invitation message. Your sweetheart will spend the rest of his day at the office fantasizing about the spicy evening that’s waiting for both of you.