December 05, 2016

“Blossoms” is a collection of silver jewels inspired by flowers, with a fresh and captivating design fitting your everyday life and outfits. In some ways, “Blossoms” is a unique collection in its genre; it is the first silver jewelry line produced by Buccellati and at the same time it represents the creativity of the fourth generation of designers inside the Buccellati family.  
Lucrezia Buccellati has personally designed all the jewels of this collection: she is the fourth generation and witnesses the creative stream going from the founder Mario – her great-grandfather – through her grandfather Gianmaria, to her father Andrea. This proves that creativity is innate in the Buccellati family; it cannot be created nor destroyed, but it rather repeats from generation to generation.
The Gardenia line has been the very first one to be conceived inside the Blossoms collection, and today it is offered with a complete range of items: pendant and button earrings, cuff bracelets of different sizes, and then necklaces, long chains and rings.  
Silver takes the shape of a petal through a fine chiseling and the pistils are gilded, or even more outlined with the setting of brown diamonds.  The silver jewels become the expression of the Buccellati goldsmith’s art and they interpret the younger and more cheerful taste, aspiring to objects of great style and design.

The Daisy line is very simple and the flower is enlightened by a gilded pistil. It is available with central engraving or with brown diamonds. The design is sober and young, pure and simple, but always expressing the concept of jewel. 
This is how, in a world where fashion trends come and go, Buccellati proudly shows to be linked to timeless beauty. Buccellati is faithful to its unique and distinctive style, and to the ancient workmanship techniques. It carries on its goldsmith’s tradition with the collaboration of the fourth generation of designers, with a younger style on silver, enhanced by expert chisels and golden accents. The passionate dedication to design, the workmanship and its quality allow Buccellati to offer silver top- level creations.


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