C by Cynthia

By Hanane Tabet
March 29, 2017

Launched more than ten years ago, the Lebanese brand has succeeded in establishing itself on the local market but also on the international level, with creations of a modern simplicity.

In 2004, driven by her curiosity about design and materials, Cynthia Bouchakjian started to create accessories that integrate elements like metal or leather. But the more experience she got, the more her passion for leather grew; and this is how her first line of belts and bags was born.

Her secret is simplicity, in her life as well as her style. She juggles, like so many other women, between her passion for creativity and her role as a mom.

"The shoulder strap trend continues with the new collection that will be launched next April, which will be functional and cheerfully colorful. Manufactured with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail, this collection is trendy and versatile."

The Lucy bag, launched in October 2015. "Its particular asset is its versatility, since it can be worn in several ways. Moreover, its round shape, far from stereotypical models, gives a chic and casual touch to the everyday dress of every woman."

"My creations celebrate the modern woman, anticipate her needs and seek to recreate her independence and her sense of power. My goal is to go beyond time and the ever-changing nature of trends. From the shoulder strap to the shape of the bag, every single thread is carefully worked on."