Caitlyn Jenner Starting Foundation for the Transgender

She’s selling her Porsche to fund it!
March 06, 2017

Rumor has it that Caitlyn Jenner is launching an equal rights foundation to support transgender people. 

The 67 year old reality star told Vanity Fair: “Out of the L, the G, the B, and the T, the T is by far the most neglected and the most underfunded. And there are so many great organizations out there that do wonderful work.”
“One of my passions after going through everything I’ve been through over the past few years is to help and be in a position to raise money.”

Caitlyn had the wonderful idea to sell one of her Porsche cars to be able to get some starter money for her foundation. It’s hard to imagine that a member of one of the richest families in the world has to sell a car to afford something. We’re not complaining though!