Can a Childhood Toy become Fashion?

Only Beyoncé can make it happen.
August 08, 2018

Beyoncé is a true fashion icon, whether she’s opting for a discrete or extravagant style. If she wears it, it’s fashionable. No questions asked.

We never thought those words would ever come out of our mouths, but here we are: Beyoncé made hoop earrings out of Slinkys. Yes, our favorite toy when we were like 8 has become a huge fashion-forward thing. We can’t call it a trend yet, but it’s only a matter of time before everyone starts imitating Queen B.

The Lemonade singer was spotted in New York in a fancy suit with a little twist (literally): she spiced up her office look with gold Slinky-inspired earrings by Y/Project and a bold pink bag and an African style braided half ponytail.

Beyoncé is living in year 3018. Will you join her futuristic perspective of fashion?