Can You Actually Choose The Sex Of Your Future Child?

This is some next level sorcery.
August 08, 2018

Yes, it IS possible to anticipate the sex of your future child, and it's super easy, apparently. The key is to change your diet for a few months before giving birth. We've all had grandparents who told us about this technique but never took it very seriously. Here's what you need to consume if you're planning to have a boy or a girl.

If you want to follow this technique, you should start doing it at least 2 and a half months before your due date.


For a girl:

At least 3/4l of milk per day.

Mineral water that contains lots of calcium.

Eat at least two dairy products a day other than milk.

A maximum of 130g of natural meat or fish at least 3 times a week.

A maximum of 150g of potatoes 3 times a week.


Any kind of cereal except corn and popcorn.

Any kind of vegetable except artichokes.

Oil, butter and cream.

Avoid coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit juice, sodas and alcohol (the last one is obvious, duh).

Avoid processed food.

Avoid salty foods.

Avoid artichokes.

Avoid chocolate.


For a boy:

Tea, coffee, fruit juice, sodas, mineral water, tap water.

Any kind of meat.

Dried, salted, smoked or canned fish.

Eggs used as cream of sauce, only once or twice a week.

Any kind of cereal.

Any kind of fresh or dried vegetables except for green salads.

Any kind of bread and pastries without dairy products.

All oils except for fresh cream and butter.

Salt is highly recommended.

Any kind of spice except mustard.

Avoid dairy products except salted butter (10g per day).

Avoid nuts, fruit juices, dried fruits and fruit sorbets.

Avoid chocolate and cocoa.