Carine Rizkallah in a new series

It only gets better
By Helena Saadeh
September 19, 2019

As of September 23, Lebanese MTV will start showing the local drama “Berdena Ana”.  The news was announced at a press conference held at the Regency Palace Hotel in Adma, during which scenes from the series were presented and questions were asked to the participating actors, including Carine Rizkallah, Badi’ Abu Shakra and Wissam Hanna. The series, which was written by Claudia Marchelian and directed by Nadim Mhanna, tells a woven story of the author's imagination inspired by victims of domestic violence against women in Lebanon.  Claudia Merchelian said she had searched for nine stories of this kind, all of which were women who had died as a result of violence. The writer denied reports from some websites and media that the series was telling the story of Manal Assi, one of the most famous victims of domestic violence in Lebanon, who died as a result of a severe beating by her husband in February 2014.