Carine Rizkallah on MTV for an epic Ramadan series

A must watch!
By Helena Saadeh
April 08, 2019

Under the title of Carine Rizkallah in Ramadan: a "Star" commits Suicide ! MTV has preceded the rest of the channels and began to promote the dramatic projects that will be presented during the month of Ramadan. The first of these series is the work written and starred by Carine Rizkallah and directed by Elie Habib.

For a few minutes, the station published a small promo, a scene from the upcoming project, ending with "Soon in Ramadan". The work comes as a result of years of cooperation between the actress and the channel, resulting in a series written by Carine and presented in Ramadan and beyond.

In the promo, Carine sits in front of the mirror and talks about her life. "I'm so cursed that even my own suicide has failed," she said, referring to her suicide attempt.

The Lebanese actress has not yet chosen a name for her series, but will play the role of a well-known artist who faced many problems. With this character, the artist reveals the other life of the star away from fame and camera. Ammar Shalq, Aida Sabra, Julia Kassar, Asaad Rashdan, Nicolas Daniel and others are allstarring in this series.


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