May 06, 2019

May 6, 2019NET-A-PORTER debuts Carine Roitfeld Parfums, the iconic French editor’s first fragrance collection, as exclusive retail partner.

Available at NET-A-PORTER on May 6, the signature collection of “7 Lovers” features seven distinct and captivating scents embodying seven unforgettable lovers in seven of Roitfeld’s most iconic cities.

Celebrated as one of the most influential figures in fashion, Roitfeld has always considered scent to be her essential accessory and most defining style signature. The fragrances have been individually curated by Roitfeld’s aesthetic and vision, her memories of people close to her and places that have inspired her. Each creation was crafted by Roitfeld in close collaboration with three of the most talented perfumers in the world: Aurélien Guichard (Aurélien & Orson), Pascal Gaurin (Kar-Wai, Sebastian & Vladimir) and Yann Vasnier (George & Lawrence).

Inspired by ambiguity, Roitfeld’s collection of genderless fragrances is suitable for all; the high-quality natural ingredients evolving on the skin to create a truly personal aroma. Seductive and iconic like their namesake muses, the fragrances symbolize an insatiable quest for romance, passion, and experience.

Aurélien / Paris

A romantic fragrance of enigmatic allure, Aurélien is an ode to Carine’s home and first love. Elegantly sophisticated yet sensual, there is an underlying curiosity to the scent’s spicy floral notes, with hints of orange flower intertwined with davana oil.

George / London

With rich scents of green floral chypre and galbanum, George captures the classic-yet-eclectic style of the British capital. Violet leaf, cannabis, and oakmoss marry traditional perfumery with an enigmatic playfulness that is forever-punk.

Kar-Wai / Hong Kong

Expressing the personal journey of Carine and her effortless luxurious lifestyle, Kar-Wai’s floral woody aroma is the perfect mix of osmanthus and a leathery, smoky longjing tea – a sensuous ode to Carine’s favorite exotic destination.

Lawrence / Dubai

Where East and West, Lawrence ignites regal extravagance and seduction with its rich floral leather scent, encompassing jasmine, oud wood, and tolu tree for a smoldering sense of irresistibility.

Orson / New-York

A parfum of ruthless sensuality, Orson’s bold and relentless floral oriental fragrance captures the spirit of Carine’s second home, merging the sensual petals of the hawthorn flower with the nomadic and rugged refinement of tonka beans and benzoin ‘tears’.



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