Carole Samaha back on the screen

As soon as this September
By Helena Saadeh
July 21, 2019

Two years ago, Carole Samaha announced her intention to film Claudia Marchalian's "Bel Sedfe," and everyone was surprised by the selection by Marchalian and Samaha of Bassem Christo, who is known for his success in television shows. But this time Cristo was persuaded to work in cinema. 

A few days ago, Samaha posted a photo announcing the imminent release of the film, and we learned from a source that the film will be released by the end of September.

The source revealed that the production department of the film will organize a special launch of the film, despite Carol Samaha being busy with festivals and concerts, the last of which was the Castle Festival in Syria, eight years after her absence.

 Carole Samaha is also working on a new album,  which should be released next fall.


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