Carolina Herrera presents Confidential Eaux de Toilette

A new chapter in her ever sophisticated collection.
December 18, 2017

This new line, born from the idea that each scent can be born solo or mixed freely across the collection, expresses a world full of elegance and luxury, reflective of the House of Herrera.
In continuing with the sumptuous Herrera Confidential fragrances, released in 2015, now Carolina Herrera Fragrances offers a new and exclusive scent collection:  Confidential Eaux de Toilette. Impeccably crafted with a nose for detail, these six unisex fragrances and two elixirs pay homage to the tradition and legacy of the House of Herrera. Exceptional formulas stemming from a thoughtfully crafted/curated selection of lead notes, these exclusive fragrances offer a new, modern take on incomparable freshness and robust aromas that leave a memorable trail in its wake. 
Every one of these fragrances is composed of a single principle note, a classic in the perfume family, derived from the highest quality ingredients. In fact, the scent collection was a collaboration with five notable perfumers who took it upon themselves to reimagine and reinterpret these timeless notes by exploring new expressions, and ultimately crafting a uniquely new character. The House of Herrera insisted on letting the elements speak for themselves, allowing for a symphony of pure expression encircle the nose. 
For the creation of this collection, Carolina Herrera de Baez, creative director for the House of Herrera fragrances, was inspired by six destinations where she holds vivid memories of far-flung voyages and leisurely days she has shared with her mother, Mrs. Herrera. It was essential that each fragrance be filled with Mrs. Herrera’s alegría de vivir (joy of living).  
The world of Confidential Eaux de Toilette includes: Virgin Mint, made from the crowned queen herb of Morocco; Rose Cruise, a beautiful fragrance from the Centifolia Rose from Grasse; Bergamot Bloom, centered around the intoxicating citrus from sun-soaked Calabria, Italy; Vetiver Paradise, rooted in the delicate yet earthy golden jewel of Haiti; Orange Affair, uplifting with its sweet, tangy Orange Blossom from the streets of Marrakech; Blond Jasmine, seductive in its imperial Jasmine Sambac imported from India.   
Confidential Eaux de Toilette collection also has two elixirs, Blossom Elixir and Citrus Elixir, single-note scents able to be worn on their own, or by layering with one of the collection’s six fragrances to make a unique and personal scent expression with limitless combinations. This technique of layering, extremely common in the Arab world, pays homage to the House of Herrera’s legendary craftsmanship and penchant for tailoring.  
With Confidential Eaux de Toilette, Carolina Herrera de Baez only further continues to fortify her family’s iconic legacy of spreading elegancy and sophistication throughout the world.