Caroline Vreeland: the Blonde Bomb

A mix of aristocracy, sensuality, freedom and sensitivity.
July 12, 2016

Diana Vreeland is the great grand-daughter of the legendary editor-in-chief of American editions of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. Singer, model, muse of brands like Barbara Bui, it-girl... Caroline Vreeland is a mix of aristocracy, sensuality, freedom and sensitivity. With more than 160,000 followers on Instagram, she is invited to all fashion weeks where she is surrounded by photographers for her rather unique style; she is a girl we should definitely follow on social networks.


Why we love her style:

- For its masculine-feminine sensuality

- For its edgy elegance

- For its versatility: one day she would look boyish, another she would be ultra-sexy

- For her self-confidence: she has a supermodel's body but also natural G or even H sized breasts, Caroline is comfortable with her looks

- Because she wears almost always black, our favorite color!