Carrie Underwood’s Post-Surgery Photo is Reassuring

We are so relieved!
January 03, 2018

As you all know, Carrie Underwood had a bad fall at her home back in November, and she needed surgery. The country star went through 40 to 50 stitches in her face as a result of the injuries. We finally have a picture that proves that there isn’t a huge scar on her face. In fact, her face looks perfect, as if she was never injured in the first place!
Reality star Adrienne Gang ran into her and published the first photo of Carrie after her surgery. We have to say, she looks absolutely fantastic. “Just worked out next to Carrie Underwood… she is adorable and so gracious… LOVE HER! #BelowDeck,” Adrienne captioned the photo. Later on, she took to Twitter and wrote the following: “I had no idea she got hurt prior to meeting her. She had a wrist brace on, but I didn’t think much of it until I saw the headlines after I posted our picture together,” Adrienne tweeted. Way to go, Carrie!


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